7 Mobile App Development Trends You Should Not Miss Out On

As more and more people log onto the internet, optimising online content and mobile app development has never been so important for developers.

With rapid advances in digitisation, the entire online platform is shifting swiftly to handheld, touchscreen devices. As more and more people use their portable devices to log onto the internet, optimising online content and mobile app development has never been so important for developers.

We live in a consumer-based world today. Trends indicate a massive climb in app usage and a varying difference in the preferences of daily users. This presents a reliable means of improving viewership by optimising the user app experience through introducing sustainable features to enhance app performance.

However, as with many other online solutions, apps have fallen victim to lags, slow speed and frequent bugs which poses a problem for many business owners. As the industry moves to fine-tune the mobile app user experience, we take a look at the top 7 mobile app development trends aimed at maximising app optimization and revolutionising the app development industry.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages are the New Sensation

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a development library designed to instantly load web pages, especially on phones. These innovative pop-ups have a strong foothold and appear to be the latest trend for many websites and apps.


Introduced in 2016, the usefulness and popularity of these pages are at an all-time high. Many developers are using this version of HTML to manipulate their content in order to get to the top of search engines, thereby boosting traffic as well as long-term viewership. Credit goes to Google for promoting AMP to the very top of its search engine.

2. Apps for Wearable Devices Are Expected to Surge

Thanks to Samsung and Apple, wearable gadgets have become a global phenomenon. People inclined towards upgrading to the Apple or the Samsung watch have created a demand for optimised apps geared primarily towards these devices. Companies are looking at wearable app development now more than ever, an industry set for substantial future growth.

Image of a person using his apple watch

3. Virtual Reality is the Next Big Thing

Technological advancements are proceeding unabatedly ahead of developers. The invention of the Augmented and Virtual Reality gear, now a multibillion-dollar business, has opened an entirely new world of possibilities for app developers. With virtual gaming, documentation, movies and much more, the virtual industry is expanding exponentially. Virtual app development presents a promising opportunity for business owners and affords yet another valuable investment option.

Img Virtual Reality

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4. Cloud Storage has Become a Necessity

As the data load becomes higher than ever, and mobile speeds suffer, people are opening up to cloud-based data storage. With the right security barriers in place, almost every app has private cloud storage for its users.

Cloud computing storage

The cloud computing trend has now become a requirement for modern mobile users. With limited space on mobile devices, people prefer secure app cloud storage. This is a green signal for app developers to dedicate a niche of their app service to cloud storage to help optimise user experience and create loyal users.

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5. App Security is Critical

App users can overlook some glitches, however, there is no forgiving a security breach. Users trust their personal data with most app providers and believe all necessary measures are being taken to hold their data safely and securely. It is this near-blind faith that enables app providers to build a loyal customer base.

Image in which mouse is clicking on the security option

Needless to say, whilst minor security breaches can be managed, serious data theft may result in a substantial loss of traffic. Therefore, strengthening the security of your app is of primary concern and an essential app development trend to follow.

6. App Data Logging is Important

Just like websites, it has become a necessity to log app data to track progress and understand an app’s revenues and daily hits. It is a significant evaluation that allows business owners to gauge their market value and understand how their app is performing. Hence, many apps incorporate customer based predictive analytics to help business owners track their success with the app. The latest generation of apps come with a pre-incorporated progress analyser.

Img App Data Logging

As an app developer, you need to embrace this rising trend to increase the value of your app. Incorporating this system in your app before it is released will help you escape the troubles of additions later on. To make an impact with your app and make it more appealing, infuse the predictive analysis into its code to allow owners to evaluate the progress instantly.

7. App Formats should be User-Friendly

While different formats were popular once, now it all comes down to user optimisation and a consistent, familiar User Experience. Most users prefer a standard interface with easy to manoeuvre tabs and options. This app development trend has led to app developers embracing a common theme and exploiting possibilities within constrained diversity.

Happy User Rating

To make an app successful, you need to make it appeal to users through ease of use. The users, in turn, opt for an app that is easy to use in everyday life and is suitable for all ages.

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Understanding the versatility of demand and staying ahead of the latest app development trends is no doubt going to be a challenge for app developers. Businesses and developers need to embrace the latest app development trends to give their app a chance to thrive. With immense competition in the marketplace, the well-executed, future-proofed, and demonstrably security conscious apps stand a better chance of gaining traction and mass market appeal.


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