7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Outsource Software Development

Increased cost effectiveness and productivity are some of the reasons why businesses today are opting for outsourcing software development.

Globalisation has fueled competitiveness among business owners. Businesses are now focusing more on their output in order to stay ahead of the game, leaving them with a busy, packed schedule. Given the critical role played by software development in improving business productivity and automation, the need to hire skilled software developers is now higher than ever. However, IT needs vary significantly with time and budget, making software development outsourcing a feasible option. In fact, statistics show that software application development was the most outsourced IT function in 2017 and is expected to grow even more in 2018.

Outsourcing comes with many benefits for businesses, with lower costs and higher productivity being the main. Here we list the top 7 reasons for outsourcing software development.

1. Focus on Your Core Expertise.

Business owners need to prioritise their strengths rather than managing everything themselves. Investing time and human resources in something which is not your expertise will only lead to loss of valuable time and money.

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Successful companies tend to categorise their tasks and exploit their expertise. It is far better to hire professionals for your IT needs instead of wasting time figuring out the heads and tails of a situation of which you have limited understanding. An experienced company will tackle your software development problems using its diverse skill set. Outsourcing software development comes in handy, especially when small businesses are planning an expansion or a new product launch.

2. Utilise the Diverse Skills of Experienced Software Developers.

Reaching out to a reputable development company means that you are connecting with the best developers available in the market. Skilled developers prefer brands who can hone and exploit their skills. This is why you usually find the best developers associated with leading outsourcing companies. Unless you are fortunate, it is highly unlikely for you to find a proficient and seasoned software developer on your own. Instead of requesting dozens of revisions from amateur developers, you can always choose to work with the elite developers with better, polished skills.

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3.  Cut Costs by Outsourcing.

Software needs vary with time, budget and current trends. Likewise, your team can go from working overtime one week to leaving early for two weeks straight. This manifests as additional payroll, which can be put to better use in more deserving aspects of your company. Outsourcing your projects means you pay for only the actual work. If you choose a bespoke software development company, the total costs are significantly lower in comparison with hosting an in-house team.

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4. Get Your Work Delivered on Strict Deadlines.

An in-house software team may not necessarily deliver on time. Amidst the complications, coding issue and bugs, delays are very common. The competitiveness between businesses keeps you constantly racing to introduce new products in the market. In order to influence the marketplace, timing is crucial, which makes it imperative that deadlines are met.

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As the development of the software is the bottleneck for the launch, in-house delays are unavoidable. A viable solution to achieve sharp deadlines is to hire a professional software outsourcing company. A team of elite developers, experienced in troubleshooting the common errors, will deliver on time without compromising on the quality. Their collaborative effort ensures on-time delivery with rapid revisions if needed, tackling a significant part of the process.

5. Ensure an Optimum Experience with Professional Software Developers.

Business owners tend to complain about low-quality development services when the actual problem is, in fact, a gap in communication. As a CEO or business or team leader, you need to address developers by clearly explaining your projects, giving regular briefs to ensure they understand your requirements. This is where good outsourcing companies stand out. They adhere to strict protocols and provide exceptional results. Not only do they fulfil all your requirements, but they also focus on your objectives as a whole, delivering your vision rather than just a bunch of code. This approach cuts the amount of frustration, stress, and costs involved with employing average, in-house developers.

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6. Remove Distractions from Work.

Management teams are pulled in different directions by all the departments, compromising their ability to prioritise their agenda. Delegating certain parts of your business’ IT needs to a specialist software development company will help you tidy up your to-do list. This is particularly important for small businesses, which tend to have inadequate skills and manpower at hand.  Whenever you initiate a new software project, consider outsourcing it to reduce your workload and stress. You can then handle the other important aspects related to the software launch, utilising your skills where they are needed the most.

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7. Avoid Hiring Complications.

An impressive looking resume does not necessarily mean that the candidate you are looking to hire will be suitable for specific business projects. Many companies cycle through numerous developers every year because they fail to deliver the required quality. The re-hiring process can cause delays and inconsistency in your business output unless you are a software company. Choosing a reputable software company with previous experience eliminates this problem and gives you a strong chance of obtaining quality results. You can outsource your projects with sophisticated designs and strict deadlines with the assurance of a positive outcome. Such a company is likely to fulfil your diverse IT needs, outlining its advantages over individual hires.

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There is no denying the advantages of outsourcing software development. Businesses with limited resources can reap the benefits of expert software developers without having to hire them or worry about meeting deadlines. However, before you make any decisions, you should realise that there are hundreds of software development companies in the market, but not everyone is reliable. To avoid delays and low-quality work, research on the different bespoke software development companies available, consult your colleagues and ask for references. Your company’s reputation is of foremost importance, and you should not let one bad decision ruin that.

If you are still confused about outsourcing, you should read this excellent article on the pros and cons of in-house and outsourced tech teams to help you make the right decision.


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