8 White Label Tools For Boosting Your Digital Marketing

White label software allows growing businesses to manage, inform and help more clients without increasing workload. Here are 8 great ones we will discuss!

White label tools are products or services with an outsourced development process that can legally be rebranded and packaged as a business wants.

In fact, that’s where the term comes from: labelling indicates ownership, and the term “white label” is suggestive of a blank label just waiting to be filled in. As a term, it’s not even original to software development. Curiously enough, “white label” comes from the music recording business, where a white label record could be used to anonymize whoever made music. Its usage is, of course, more than a little different in the field of digital marketing.

White label tools are widely available in the market for purchase. That means any business can potentially invest in and take advantage of white label tools. Although, it’s worth noting that the anonymizing element associated with white label music records persists in digital marketing too. That means the consumer that eventually uses white label tools has no idea that there was a B2B (business-to-business) process behind the consumer eventually getting the product.

This is all in contrast to what marketing professionals call “private tools”, which a company has made especially for its own exclusive use. In that sense, bespoke software, with advantages and considerations of its own, would be called a “private label”.

How Do White Label Tools Help?

To understand why white label tools are useful, one must consider the alternative. For example, managing an email response system for the queries a business receives could either cost large amounts of money and time, or could be expedited through white label tools. That’s because instead of needing to hire developers or experts to help with that process, a white label email marketing tool can achieve the same function upon purchase.

As white label tools are branded according to one’s own business, they can potentially improve a business’s image as well by expediting services in-house that otherwise may have required outsourcing instead. The above mentioned example of email marketing is only one arena in which white label services help in business: white label social management services, and white label SEO tools are just among the many varieties of white label digital marketing tools available in the market. All of these ultimately give businesses a competitive edge, and at their best, can make businesses more efficient.

Identifying which white label services work best for your needs can be confusing.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) white label tools refer to online services that don’t need to be downloaded to use.
  • B2B (Business To Business) white label tools refer to products sold by one company to a second-party that, after rebranding, sells the product again to a third-party.
  • B2C (Business To Customer) white label tools are products sold by a company to customers directly.

For digital marketing agencies like Rezaid, white label marketing is part of what we do. The white label software and services we provide to our clientele does not carry our branding or packaging.

To add to your knowledge, some companies may opt to advertise themselves as a “white label marketing agency”, instead of being called a digital marketing agency, owing to their reliance on providing white label services.

Again, it’s also important to note that white label software allows organizations to cater to many clients from different industries with different needs. From its little beginnings as a niche in the music recording business, “white labelling” has gone far in the field of digital marketing.

Since it’s already developed and ready for purchase, white label tools also allow you to get what you need immediately. That means instead of spending time on developing a private label, you can just purchase a white label tool and start building on to your business with a new service, with little time spent. That does mean you’re constrained by the limitations of existing white label tools, but it’s likely you’ll find a white label tool to cater to your requirements. That’s just an indication of the sheer variety of white label tools available in the market now.

These eight white label tools we’ve listed are some Rezaid recommends for other businesses. They cater to various aspects of running a digital marketing portfolio, as well as various other aspects of running a stable business. Reading through these can give you a clearer indication of just the range of services up for grabs as white label tools.

1) SEMrush

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial aspect of digital marketing services. If you want your website to rank well, SEO is key. To supplement that process, SEMrush is a white label tool that is an essential key to ensuring the SEO analysis that informs your content creation is sound and thorough.

Let’s suppose your client (or your own business) requires better online visibility and content management services. You’ll have to perform a detailed, technical SEO audit, including keyword research, competitor analysis, technical analysis, page level analysis, content analysis and much more. Given the emphasis on SEO in all kinds of content creation, be it in web content or blogs, it’s definitely an essential aspect to transforming text into marketable content.

Instead of spending hours unpacking discoveries from Google searches and closely reading online content to notice keywords, SEMrush acts as a snappier option. With a plethora of tools available upon purchase, SEMrush helps with online visibility and content management by doing all the research and analysis for you. With features like Keyword Analytics and Topic Research, SEMrush can give you ideas for new content, provide you lists of keywords closely related to what you’re looking to work on, and keep you engaged with whatever is working on popular social media and blog-posting websites. With just a mere copy and paste, one can also check out how other domains are structuring their content, so you can learn from their strategies.

That’s not all: with SEMrush, you receive detailed and immaculate white label reports – including charts – that can be presented to end-clients. No more need to spend oodles of time sourcing and analyzing data or formatting designs. SEMrush’s reporting system closely evaluates competitor blogs, to the extent that sentencing structure, keyword placement, backlinking, and many other features of competitor content are part of the reporting data. You can even schedule your own branded reports using SEMrush.

For start-ups and smaller scale marketers, SEMRush packages start at just $99.5. Rezaid itself has been using SEMrush for over 2 years now, so we recommend this SEO white label tool wholeheartedly.

2) AgencyAnalytics


From SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) to email review and call tracking, AgencyAnalytics helps create an integrated dashboard, delivering white label automated reports which you can easily share with your clients. If switching between platforms and accounts becomes too strenuous, AgencyAnalytics allows you to ditch multiple platforms and adopt a single intuitive interface that integrates all the data you need from different sources on one screen.

Like its name suggests, it’s mostly a provider of white label analytical reports that help inform market strategy for you and your clientele. Although you can configure the kind of information your clients get to see, the metrics that the AgencyAnalytics dashboard shows all on one page are nifty to keep a track on data in real-time for both clients and agencies.

AgencyAnalytics gives you a chance to boost your brand recognition, increase client loyalty through a more efficient system of reporting, and most of all, save time and effort. Presentation is key in the service of reporting marketing data, and by using this tool, you get a chance to present your data beautifully. With more than 400 widgets for social media, SEO, call tracking, analytics, emails, and reviews, the presentation becomes all the more excellent, as AgencyAnalytics brings all of this together for your clients on one single screen. The built-in compatibility it boasts for practically every social media channel and analytics software on the internet makes AgencyAnalytics even more worthy of an addition to this list.

Marketing agencies also have the option to customise the dashboard by incorporating their brand colours and logo to give it an in-house feel. With multiple plugins and the capacity for hosting custom templates and themes, it’s certainly a white label tool that makes presentation slick, practical, and aesthetic. In fact, if marketing agencies already have a preferred template that they use for every client, just keep cloning that – with widgets included – through a one-click feature on the AgencyAnalytics dashboard.

These analytics dashboards can be directed for your clients. You can host them on your own website, again, keeping your own branding, and giving them the login details. That means you can also potentially create custom dashboards for each of your clients. Again, on the dashboard, they can access data from Google Analytics as well other internet analytics you’re inclined to use. For instance, on the AgencyAnalytics “What Converts” dashboard button, clients can receive live information of leads generation campaigns, including details of which social media websites the leads are originating from.

Trusted by 2,500 marketing agencies worldwide, its initial monthly package starts from £37, which lets you run campaigns, conduct site audits, track daily keyword rankings and create unlimited white label reports! For its own analytics reporting for clients, Rezaid has used AgencyAnalytics in the past and always found that it worked very well as a white label tool.


3) Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider performs in-depth website crawl reports that pinpoint issues within websites. These can range from issues such as broken pages, links or redirects, content duplication, problems with robots.txt files, to on-page parameters and many more. By displaying its reporting through a basic spreadsheet layout, this is a highly accessible way of unpacking website problems.

In this way, the time software testers and web development teams pour into checking webpage functionality can be considerably reduced with this highly useful white label tool. Through basic error alerts, like highlighting cells in its spreadsheet reports to specify problems, Netpeak Spider takes care that all website overhauling you’re doing clients works well. Through its integration with Google Analytics and the Search Console, Netpeak Spider provides users with data that can help them prioritize certain web pages over others based on the volume of visitors and interactions they attract.

With Netpeak Spider’s “MindMaps” feature, you can also conveniently visualise all links on your webpage. Both external and internal linking is charted out in the easy-to-use feature that allows you to evaluate just how well links are embedded throughout the website. Every business webpage needs that kind of tracking, as the traffic generated by linking is no small sum. Even if you’re just a marketing agency, your linking organisation is only to improve with Netpeak Spider — and get you even more satisfied clients!

If you’re looking to research competitor strategies, Netpeak Spider also allows for easy “scraping” off of data from any URL that’s input onto its spreadsheet. This revamps the SEO process, allowing your business or your clients to use optimum strategies at play in digital markets.

What’s more, Netpeak Spider lets you create usable white label reports, using your company logo and contact details, with optimized PDF reports that contain reporting of all data obtained from a website, all with just one easy click of a button. It’s a convenient way to show your clients or colleagues the results you’ve reached. If you’re not looking to download a report, you can also choose to visualise the spreadsheet data on more friendly graphics like pie-charts for colleagues or presentations.

You can look at their sample white label reports for free and even try the tool for free for a week. If you’re interested in purchasing, the tariffs start from just $39 per month. And in case none of the offered tariffs suit your needs, you can customise it for yourself by reaching out to them. Netpeak Spider also offers a completely free trial that gives new users some indication of what it has to offer.

4) Invoice Ninja

Billing White Label Tool

Here’s one white label tool different from the rest we’ve mentioned. If the others were more suited for providing a service that a marketing agency’s clientele would benefit from, this is a white label tool more suited for a business’s logistics by managing billing. Especially for digital marketing agencies that have to deal with multiple clients with different billing dates, this is one white label tool that could come in very handy.

Invoice Ninja is an open-source platform, and as its name suggests, helps businesses with managing invoices. With its clean layout and design, Invoice Ninja makes the entire process much easier to manage. What’s great for marketing agencies is that it maintains a log of invoices through a single platform. Clients can also view the logs so they too can keep track of their payments.

All invoices are downloadable by PDF, and can also be previewed to see how the invoice looks for client recipients. With built-in support for more than 50 payment options, as well as the option for building in buttons to websites that link up directly to your logs on Invoice Ninja, this is one convenient tool to invest in.

Of course, as a white label service, the receipts and bills Invoice Ninja generates and sends out can be branded and formatted according to your company’s specifications. The application allows for multiple colouring and branding options that can be great for businesses with particular ideas about their designs translating to their billing also.

For interested marketing agencies, Invoice Ninja’s Enterprise plan starts at $12 per month for 1-2 users and can go up to $36 per month for 11-12 users. It includes all features from the other packages, as well as 4 premium tools.

5) WordStream

Advertising White Label Tool

If you’re a manager keen on auditing and tracking the results of investment in advertising campaigns, WordStream’s New Business Center is the white label tool for you and your auditing needs.

With analytical tools and reporting services that are all white label in nature, WordStream gives marketing agencies a much smoother means of sharing marketing assessments with clients. This it achieves with aesthetics templates for audit reports, and also a capability of analysing information it obtains from social media marketing campaigns. Popular media used for advertising campaigns, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, can be analysed in detailed reports through this single platform.

While other agencies commend its advantages for those tracking performance in social media campaigns, Rezaid also recommends it as a great audit generator. For many businesses aware of the copious amounts of transactions that have to be tracked and recorded for audit reports, WordStream can effectively speed up that process for you in a way that’s unique.

For Business Center, WordStream determines pricing after a period of engaging with your business so that it can understand the needs and the efforts required to meet them. Not every business requires every feature available through the WordStream Business Center, and this sensitivity to individual business needs wins WordStream many points from us!

6) Buildfire

Software Development White Label Tool

BuildFire helps create personal mobile apps for businesses, but does this all without needing any kind of coding. In fact, a marketing professional can use Buildfire without any grasp over programming languages. That’s why in digital marketing circles, BuildFire has been successful with selling itself as the “codeless” software developer.

With eye-catching (and a huge variety of) visual templates and a lot of features for advanced development, it’s a great option as a white label software developer. Low maintenance costs make it even more economical. For businesses with employees that are great web designers and web developers, but without the expertise of software application designers, BuildFire is a really good investment to make.

Even businesses with software developers can benefit, especially for app improvements. That means that if you want to, for instance, introduce push notifications onto your app that prompt users to keep using the app, having BuildFire means you literally just click a series of buttons to add that upgrade. Compare that to perhaps a few hours worth of work coding in a plugin, BuildFire really expedites a cumbersome task.

These plugins aren’t limited to straightforward upgrades like push notifications or an authentication process. In fact, the plugin menu in BuildFire is just as rich in its diversity of offerings as much as its basic app development features. If you want to add Youtube videos to your app, or incorporate a social media channel for users to chat within, BuildFire already has those plugins available. Not only is it then really convenient for businesses looking to build basic apps to showcase their products, but BuildFire allows you to fully translate your creative ambitions for an app into reality with little expertise required.

Unlike some of the other white label tools mentioned in this blog, Buildfire isn’t a SaaS white label tool. Instead, it’s more of a B2B or B2C white label tool, depending on its usage. That’s why it has several packages that vary enormously in cost, with the highest targeted at high-budget digital marketing agencies costing up to $1500. The lowest, targeted for small businesses seeking to develop mobile apps, is $160.

7) ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is practically a staple in white label email marketing. Offering various services that support and generate highly professional email marketing campaigns, this automated software is a really convenient alternative for digital marketers forwarding email after email.

With built-in integrations for most popular email engines, ActiveCampaign also wins this mention because it also tracks and provides reporting data for an agency’s campaigns. These reports, called “Automation Reports” in ActiveCampaign, provide detailed analysis of how people are interacting with your email “automations”. This can be regarding how much time your targets spend reading your campaigns, or whether they even opened them or not.

These are just some of the more basic options at ActiveCampaign. Its many advanced features may take a little while to get used to. That said, they’re fundamental to what makes it great: these options allow you to manage audiences and segment in ways ActiveCampaign users want to profile them. By targeting specific audiences and deciding how they should be approached, ActiveCampaign is an excellent white label automation tool.

The Enterprise package might be the only package that includes all the characteristics needed for a marketing agency. That costs $229 a month, and includes several useful features within it.

8) Proposify


Proposify is a SaaS white label tool that’s incredibly useful when businesses don’t have the content writers dedicated to writing proposals. Not only does Proposify draft those proposals for you, but can also customize email designs, proposal templates, and send those emails to your target businesses.

Even if a business hires content writers, proposal writing can be an arduous and long task. This is because it requires technical details, like legal familiarities for proposal writing. Although it does sound unusual for businesses to outsource what seems so fundamental to a marketing agency, sometimes, language barriers too can lead to serious miscommunication. That’s why Proposify can be especially useful for internationally based marketing agencies.

With Proposify, proposals become a much briefer, smoother process, one that ultimately costs less in the long-run. Be it text, audio, or videos, Proposify can ensure your proposal looks refined. Even in terms of how convenient this can make proposals for clients, it’s great, because it involves just the click of a button to accept or decline a proposal.

With $49 a month for access to unlimited proposals, Proposify is a great white label tool to invest in. For its Enterpriser package, the price varies according to an evaluation that the team behind Proposify conducts for the interested business and its needs.

Gain More With Less

Evidently, there’s a huge array of white label services that cater to different business needs. All of them serve the purpose of speeding up processes that otherwise can take large amounts of time.

These eight white label tools we’ve cited in this blog are sure to help out your ideas for using white label tools even more. The different functions they serve should give you a good glimpse of what white label tools have to offer to businesses. The best part is you don’t need to immediately purchase them to start using them. Almost all of them allow for free trials, have responsive support teams, and also provide the option of getting a demo done for interested businesses. The demo allows businesses to see the tool operating for themselves, and with the assistance of support teams, act as a kind of tutorial for new businesses.

So, head on over to their websites, and lessen the burdens on your business with the many white label tool options available.

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