10 Best Event Websites in Switzerland

Switzerland, renowned for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse events, offers a plethora of platforms to discover and organize memorable experiences. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a wedding, or just looking for something fun to do, these websites have got you covered. Here’s a list of the ten best event websites in Switzerland, including the versatile

1. is a comprehensive event planning platform that caters to both organizers and attendees. With an extensive database of venues, service providers, and event ideas, it simplifies the process of planning any event, be it a corporate meeting, a wedding, or a social gathering. The user-friendly interface and detailed listings make a top choice for anyone looking to create or attend a seamless event experience.

2. is an internationally renowned platform that connects people through events and activities. In Switzerland, it hosts a wide array of groups and events ranging from tech meetups and language exchange sessions to hiking trips and social gatherings. It's an excellent platform for networking and finding like-minded individuals.

3. is a leading ticketing website in Switzerland. It offers tickets for a vast array of events, including concerts, sports events, theatre performances, and festivals. The site is easy to navigate and provides detailed information about each event, ensuring that you can secure your tickets hassle-free.

4. is a popular event discovery and ticketing platform. It allows event organizers to list their events and sell tickets directly through the site. For attendees, offers a wide selection of events, from concerts and festivals to workshops and exhibitions, making it a go-to site for event enthusiasts.

5. is a comprehensive event calendar covering a wide range of activities across Switzerland. It features events in various categories, including sports, culture, music, and family-friendly activities. The site is regularly updated, ensuring that users have access to the latest events happening around them.


For those interested in events specific to the Lausanne region, is an invaluable resource. It provides a detailed calendar of events happening in and around Lausanne, including cultural festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events. The site also offers insights into local attractions and activities.

7. is the official site for the Caribana Festival, one of Switzerland's most beloved music festivals. While primarily focused on the festival itself, the site also provides information about other music events and activities related to the festival. It's a must-visit for music lovers.

8. is the go-to website for discovering events in Zurich. Managed by the Zurich Tourism Board, it offers a comprehensive list of events happening in the city, including concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, and local festivals. The site also provides tips on exploring Zurich’s vibrant cultural scene.

9. is an excellent resource for finding events in Geneva. The site lists a variety of activities, from international conferences and business events to cultural festivals and public exhibitions. It’s a valuable tool for both residents and visitors looking to make the most of their time in Geneva.

10., managed by Switzerland Tourism, is a one-stop-shop for all things related to tourism and events in Switzerland. It features an extensive event calendar covering the entire country, highlighting major festivals, cultural events, sports competitions, and more. The site also offers travel tips and guides to help you plan your visit.

These ten websites offer a diverse array of event options, ensuring that whether you're planning an event or looking for something to do, you'll find what you need. From the comprehensive resources of to the specialized listings of local tourism boards, Switzerland’s event websites cater to every interest and need. Happy event planning and attending!


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