Unraveling the Secrets of Custom Serum Boxes

In cosmetics or any industry in general, perception is everything. It does not matter if the goods are of the highest quality, as they won’t sell well if they are perceived as inferior products. No other industry invests in improving the perception of its item than the cosmetic industry. Serums have become quite popular in recent years and for a good reason. Many brands have already taken a major market share and it is difficult for new brands to compete with them. Custom Printed Serum Boxes help newcomers compete with big brands and take market share for themselves. This guide will detail how custom serum packaging is beneficial to brands.

Benefits of Custom Serum Packaging

Custom boxes in general are extremely beneficial, it is the reason they have become the preferred choice of brands over traditional boxes. Custom serum boxes are no exception, they help brands improve their image, are highly customizable, cheap to make, and more. Here are some of the benefits of custom serum packages that will convince brands to invest in them.

Helps Brands to Get Noticed

The first step to even make a sale in a competitive market is for the product to be noticed. When a buyer goes to the market and looks around, they tend to lean to the item that grabs their attention. The box is the first introduction to the buyer without any physical contact.

The retail market is crowded with brands, which makes it difficult for newcomers to get noticed. Custom boxes with their unique and eye-catching design help brands to grab buyer attention. Once they have it, they are halfway through to convince the buyer to buy their item.


Custom boxes would not be of any use if they weren’t customizable. The versatility of design is what makes them stand apart from traditional boxes. Custom serum packaging can be made in any shape or size. They can fit the serum bottle no matter how irregularly shaped it is. If they want, brands can add custom inserts in these boxes to improve their presentation. They can add a simple thank you note to make the buyer feel appreciated.

Furthermore, the outer print of the boxes can be customized however the brand chooses. They can experiment with different color schemes, fonts, and designs before booking their order with a supplier to get a preview of how the box will look. They can blend their logo with these elements to come up with a unique look for the box. Also, the boxes can be printed on the inside as well. In short, printed serum boxes are tailored to the product and can help brands create a unique identity.

Improves Brand Perception

As stated, perception makes all the difference in the retail market. If a product has a good perception in the mind of the buyer, it will sell. Custom serum box packaging helps brands improve their brand perception and makes the buyer feel that they are buying a premium product. Made with quality materials, once the box is in the hands of a potential buyer, it immediately puts the idea in their head that the serum inside the box is of the highest quality.

To further improve the perception, brands can embellish the box with small things like ribbons, a thank you note, or a bow. These small trinkets might cost you a bit extra but will have a significant impact on presentation and the perception of the brand.

Efficient Storage

Since custom serum boxes are tailored to the exact specs of the serum bottle, they provide efficient storage compared to traditional packaging. Traditional boxes are a one-size-fits-all storage solution; it is either too small or too big for the items. These boxes take up more than the required space, increasing the shipping cost. Custom boxes, on the other hand, only take up space that is required. This allows brands to efficiently stack the boxes while shipping and can ship more units in a limited space.


The brands take the overall cost of making the product into consideration, and many of the decisions are based on it.  It is vital for them to keep the costs low to maintain a competitive retail price and boost their profit margins. Custom serum boxes are an affordable storage solution. They require less material to make them than a traditional box. It not only reduces cost, but it also reduces waste.

Since these boxes are tailored to the exact specs of the item, they take up less space during shipping. It ultimately reduces the shipping costs. In short, custom packaging reduces costs and boosts profit margins. It helps brands maintain a competitive price and outsell their rivals.


A box is supposed to keep the item safe and custom boxes do just that and do it better. Traditional boxes don’t fit the serum bottles perfectly, which leads to bottles moving around during shipping. This raises the risk of damage. To keep the serum bottles from moving, brands have to stuff extra padding into the box like bubble wrap. It ruins the presentation and also increases cost.

Custom boxes, on the other hand, fit the serum bottle perfectly. The bottle doesn’t move around while shipping, which reduces the risk of damage. Also, brands can add customized padding inside the box that doesn’t ruin the presentation and costs less. Furthermore, custom serum boxes are made with sturdy materials that make them durable enough to protect the serum bottle from external factors like water and dust.

Final Thoughts

The advances in custom packaging tech have led to a shift in the brand’s packaging preferences. Custom boxes are here to stay and have become the new packaging standard. Serum boxes not only improve brand perception, they also provide better protection and storage, are cheap to make, and help brands get noticed in a crowded market. Packaging Mania offers custom boxes for types of brands at an affordable price. Visit our website and get a quote for your ideal printed serum boxes and start making your product noticeable in the retail market.

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