5 Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Construction Business

Using digital marketing strategies can present a set of difficulties for construction companies. To start, finding a construction company isn't something most individuals do regularly. Very few people are in the market for this service because of how pricey it is.

Secondly, there may be some construction going on, but it means more people are vying for the same project. There are just a handful of building firms that can meet the demand.

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Digital marketing for building firms could seem overwhelming at first. However, you need not be concerned; this article will assist. Using these five pointers, which range from utilizing social media to establishing local SEO, your firm may show its clients that it cares and gets more leads.

1. Make Your Online Contacts Visible at All Times

In bygone days, people traded business cards or, if they didn't recognize a construction company's name or number on a billboard, jotted it down. Signboards advertising a construction company's website and social media handles are uncommon despite the common practice of strategically placing them throughout job sites.

Why Is Social Media Crucial for the Building Trades?

Even while construction companies aren't brick-and-mortar stores, potential clients will still look for your website and, who knows, maybe even follow you on social media. Right now, a majority of marketers see social media as a powerful tool for reaching prospective customers. This brings up another critical point: Is your website and social media platform up and running and easy to use?

The damage to your company operations could be even worse if people referenced your poorly maintained website and social media pages.

Potential customers establish a judgment of a website in as little as five milliseconds, which dictates whether they will remain or depart. Costas Constructions and Murray & Roberts are two solid examples you can look at if you require references.

2. Create a Powerful Local SEO Plan

What Is Local SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a term you might have seen in your research on digital marketing for the construction sector. "The practice of optimizing your webpages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google and other major search engines," says Yoast, a top marketing software platform. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is just tweaking some text or HTML to have it rank higher in search results when users type in a query.

How Can Local Construction Benefit from SEO?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential component of digital marketing and the bedrock of every digital marketing plan, regardless of the sector. A primary goal is to raise a website's visibility in unpaid or "organic" search results. As part of their larger construction marketing strategy, construction businesses should incorporate local SEO to promote brand awareness and online traffic.

Can You Grow Your Business with Local SEO?

A construction company's website needs search engine optimization (SEO) that is particular to a geographic area to thrive in this industry. To decide which businesses to display to prospective customers, Google employs an IP address (on desktops) and geolocation (on mobiles). In other words, the search engine will only show the construction companies relevant to the user's location if they search for a local firm. 

3. Seek Feedback from Customers

Reviews are read by nearly 90% of customers prior to completing a purchase. When customers are happy and leave positive reviews, it builds trust and social currency. However, you risk losing many potential customers if reviews aren't managed well. It is essential to have a strong social media presence in addition to a review and reputation management strategy, as modern consumers have a tremendous impact online (everyone has witnessed the power of a single tweet to shift a market).

Experts in Social Media for Construction Companies: How Can They Benefit You?

How various construction companies utilize social media will vary. Remember that you should only maintain social media accounts on platforms where you may find your target audience. Creating a review management strategy that addresses the following should be your next step after launching a social media presence:

  • Your response time for reviews
  • Who on your team is going to reply?
  • An approach to negative evaluations

4. Using email marketing to follow up on previous leads

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The same client is unlikely to receive frequent assistance from either a large construction company or a small handyman business. Still, you shouldn't let old leads die without following up with them to ensure they don't lose chances. The greatest strategy is to meet them where they are.

Of course, you can apply different email marketing concepts depending on your organization type. Assume for a moment that you run an HVAC company. Now, you can choose to send a quarterly newsletter to your client base. In it, you can inform them about new items, run seasonal promotions, and include a link to a key marketing piece of content from your website.

Email marketing provides an extremely high return on investment (ROI) for contractors because nearly all consumers check their inboxes daily.

5. Use Social Media to Interact with Your Audience

One key aspect of marketing for contractors is social media marketing. There are innumerable chances to acquire new customers that you are losing out on if you aren't engaging with your current and potential clientele directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Seven in ten Americans, according to data published by the Pew Research Center, engage in social media marketing to connect with others, share information, and entertain themselves.

In addition to advertising products and services through various social media platforms, social media marketing is useful for fostering community involvement and loyalty to one's company. Construction marketing organizations often post updates with text images, videos, and other contractor marketing materials to increase interaction.

In the end!

Being responsive to client needs and the dynamic nature of the construction business are two of the most important aspects of digital marketing for construction firms. Adaptations in approach and technology are necessary continuously. If you want to succeed, you need to keep yourself updated with the newest digital marketing methods and technologies. Your dedication to incorporating these solutions into your digital marketing plan must likewise be unwavering.

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