Improving business cybersecurity for a strong and resilient company

The importance of a reliable cybersecurity strategy for your business cannot be overestimated, but unfortunately, that is often the case, as many company owners believe that everything is safe and sound as long as there are no direct attacks on the business systems. However, that is not usually the case, as hackers are known to work around system vulnerabilities and find loopholes they can exploit. Working towards a point where you can guarantee that your enterprise cannot be attacked is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time and includes all members of your team. But it is very much worth it in order to ensure that your business is secure. Here are the aspects you should be mindful of.

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What is cybersecurity?

You cannot set out to achieve any process unless you’re fully aware of exactly what it entails. Although the term “cybersecurity” sounds very serious, and most people have a broad idea of what it entails, being aware of the particulars is the most crucial aspect. The field includes everything that has to do with maintaining the integrity of systems, data and devices, as well as the steps that must be undertaken in order to protect them from loss, damage or theft. This includes all digital business equipment like operational tech, computers, online networks, mobile works, laptops and other smart devices you might be using.

Workers who carry out their tasks remotely are included under this umbrella as well and should be reminded about the importance of handling business data and emails with utmost care. If your own information has been impacted as the result of an employee’s negligence, you can file for compensation with the help of to receive the maximum amount you deserve and make up for the financial losses and mental distress you may have incurred as a result of the incident. This brings us to the following point which is:

Adequate training

All your employees should be able to handle the systems they work with in such a way that the risk of mistakes is kept at a minimum at all times. Very often, data breaches and information leaks are not the result of malicious hacker attacks but employee negligence and poor training. If everyone knows how to carry out their tasks in perfect safety, the incidence of these events will drop significantly. All newcomers to your business should receive the training, even if they worked in the same field before. You should encourage frequent brushing up on previous knowledge in order to keep up with everything that’s new in the fast-paced world of tech developments.

Moreover, you should restrict employee access solely to the documents and system areas that are relevant to their tasks instead of allowing everyone free rein over every single part of the system. Make sure that your business culture makes room to accommodate mistakes and provides a realistic learning experience so that nobody feels like they’re being targeted by unnecessarily harsh criticism. Employees should be able to give each other feedback and advice so that your team will grow and develop side by side.

Strong systems

Just as when using your private computer at home, you should be mindful of the links you access from your office computer. Always look for signs of phishing and scams, as they are very popular in today’s highly digitised business environment. Using strong, unique passwords might seem like such an essential step that you would be tempted to disregard its importance, but it can actually make a big difference between a secured network and one that could be quickly overtaken by cyber criminals. Using random letters, numbers, and symbols will create a strong password that is difficult to crack, but you should remember that these codes need to be changed frequently in order to remain effective.


No cybersecurity strategy can ever be considered complete if you haven’t installed a potent antivirus software to protect your systems. All devices used for work should be equipped with software that will prevent malicious programs from being installed and wreaking havoc on your business procedures. However, just installing a program won’t do the trick, so you must think about further consolidation that will enable you to create the data integrity and confidentiality standards that are expected of a business. This includes integrating the appropriate firewalls for networks and applications, as well as VPN for internal resources, with the best way to determine if you need it being an audit and running an objective risk assessment. Your IT team should constantly work toward better security implementation and keep up with the latest software and policy updates.

Back up

Data backups are crucial for any business, no matter how small it is. Apart from being the obvious solution in the case of a massive cyberattack that compromises large swathes of data, a backup will also help with corrupted, lost or stolen documents so that you can resume normal working conditions right away. The most important thing to remember is that all backup data must be kept in a different location, or it can fall victim to an attack as well, a scenario in which you lose everything and have to start again from scratch. Some businesses have actually started using several different backups and categorise them based on the timeframe they cover. This allows for even greater flexibility in case something goes missing, as you’ll be able to recover it faster and much more efficiently as you’ll know exactly where it is stored.

The bottom line

Taking business processes online has allowed for better accessibility, heightened efficiency and a reduction in the incidence of human error. But because everything has a downside as well, it’s crucial to remember that the impact of cybercrime on business procedures is a very serious matter. Luckily, it is not at all difficult to consolidate your processes and systems to withstand these attacks and come out the other side relatively unscathed. It takes continuous effort and research to achieve this, but it is very much worth it in order to support the well-being of your business.

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