Smooth Website Functioning: Top 6 Technical SEO Issues On Your Website You Need To Fix

Do you know? The market size of digital marketing is 322.2 billion USD, which shows the growth and space for different players to enter and explore. However, among those in the digital marketing section, SEO or search engine optimization plays a significant role. It ensures that your website gets a higher ranking in the SERP rankings. That way, you can bring more customers to your website and boost your sales and profits.  

However, there are certain issues that you need to sort out to ensure that you rank and gain organic traffic. It is the technical SEO issues that ensure the speed and flexibility of your website. Therefore, it allows Google and other search bots to rank the website among their database of websites.  

Technical stability mostly decides the website's future and its application to the greater audience, following its usability. Therefore, in the next section, we will discuss some of the technical issues you need to fix for your website to function smoothly.

Technical SEO Issues You Need To Fix  

Technical SEO ensures the website's speed and makes it easier for the crawlers to crawl through the website and its content. That way, your website’s ranking increases in the search engine section. In addition, you need to solve technical issues for users to get the best user experience from your website.  

Here are some technical SEO issues you need to fix, as stated in the technical SEO  audit checklist -  

Duplicate And Plagiarized Content  

One of the things that you need to see is whether the content is duplicated or plagiarized. That way, the crawlers can identify the similarity, which can simultaneously reduce your site’s quality. Hence, you need to organize new content that is authentic and original. That way, you can rank the website higher in the SERP rankings.  

Furthermore, you can use robot.txt and tell the Google crawler that there are some folders that are worth checking. Therefore, you will be able to control the flow of the crawler and slow its movement through the website. Also, you should ensure that the content is not plagiarized, it will reduce the ranking of your website. Moreover, you should use facts and figures to make the article more relevant to the users. Lastly, you need to check all the grammatical mistakes and typo errors required to build a high-quality website.  

Unable To Load In Smartphone  

Another issue that is prevalent in the current scenario is poor mobile experience. As per the current guidelines, you should ensure that your content is easily accessible on mobile. This is because there are 5 billion smartphone users. That way, users today look to access websites from smartphones. Hence, you next fix your website to load quickly on the phone.  

That is why you need to optimize your website, especially the images and text. That way, you can bring more traffic to the website. Furthermore, you need to build a responsive design, which can help you to load your website quickly. This will further enhance your website's outcome and the user experience for those who visit your website. This way, you can rank your website higher in the SERP rankings.  

Non-Search Friendly Images  

Images play an important role in the SEO field as they can help you rank your page in Google Images. That way, people can visit your website and increase your traffic rate. That’s why you need to add relevant images. So, when people type the keywords, they will be able to find your website.  

In addition, you need to add HTML, CSS, and Web Fonts to build images and optimize them to get your website ranked in the SERP rankings. Most people use beautiful fonts and strong colors to make the page appealing. Yet, for Google, it is just an image. In that way, you can use the combination of the three to build your website for greater rankings. Hence, you can sort out your images and add suitable tags to increase their relevance in the Google rankings.  

Slow Loading Time  

Another thing you need to fix is the slow loading speed of your website. That way, you need to fix the issues on your website to get a boost in the search rankings. Furthermore, you can increase your user experience and get more users to scroll your website. Also, it increases their stay time on the website.  

That’s why you can use GTmetrix to run your websites and also the pages to understand the issues in the website. The recommendation given by the application will help you to improve your website. In addition, you can use Google PageSpeed Tools to test the loading speed of your page. Hence, you will be able to create a high-quality website for users to experience and enjoy. Lastly, Google will acknowledge it and let your website rank higher.  

Missing Title Tags And Meta Descriptions  

Another thing that you need to fix is title tags and meta descriptions. You should add a meta description when you publish an article on the website. It is a small description of the content you have added to the page. That way, your users can identify the content material and then visit the website. Furthermore, you should add some title tags to the content. It will allow the crawlers to identify the hierarchical structure of the page.  

Hence, you can increase the website's loading speed and enable Google and users to find your content. In that regard, your website will rank higher in the SERP rankings and let your website flourish in Google and other search engines. It will help you increase your leads and traffic on the website.  

Last Thoughts On The Technical SEO Issues  

In the end, we can say that technical SEO is necessary to build your website and enhance the outcome in the SERP rankings. Furthermore, you can fix the issues mentioned above properly to flourish in Google and search engines. Therefore, you can use the issues and fix them dearly to increase the leads and traffic of your website.  

So, fix your website and grow yourself as a supreme SEO master in the world.

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