Molmart UK

MolMart specializes in genomic diagnostics and genetic testing services in the UK. They focus on providing advanced solutions for diagnosing genetic diseases, offering services like SureMart and ExoMart for comprehensive genetic testing.They partnered with Rezaid to enhance their digital presence. The project encompassed comprehensive website redesign, copywriting, SEO optimization, and social media content creation and management, along with the development of an investor pitch deck.


Developing a user-friendly, informative website in a highly specialized field.
Creating engaging, authoritative content for a niche audience.
Implementing effective SEO strategies in a competitive market.
Establishing a strong social media presence on social media platforms
Crafting a compelling pitch deck for potential investors.

Solutions and Implementation:

Website Development and Copywriting: Rezaid designed a modern, responsive website that effectively communicates MolMart's expertise in genomic diagnostics. The copywriting focused on clarity and precision to convey complex information engagingly and understandably.

SEO: Tailored on-page SEO strategies were implemented, targeting specific keywords relevant to genomic diagnostics.
Rezaid also curated a series of informative blogs, enhancing MolMart's position in the field of genomics

Social media content creation: Rezaid made a comprehensive content plan encompassing engaging social media graphics and videos.
The team crafted visually captivating graphics and dynamic videos tailored to MolMart's niche audience, effectively conveying complex concepts in a visually appealing and easily understandable format.

Brochure for Investors: Rezaid created a concise investor brochure, serving as a condensed version of the comprehensive pitch deck, tailored to succinctly highlight MolMart's innovative solutions and market potential.

Investor Pitch Deck: Rezaid created a comprehensive pitch deck, highlighting MolMart's innovative solutions, market potential, and long-term vision. It was tailored to attract and persuade investors.


Enhanced online visibility and user engagement.
Improved search engine rankings and organic traffic.
Increased social media following and engagement.
Positive feedback from investors and stakeholders on the pitch deck.


Rezaid's multi-faceted approach successfully amplified MolMart's online presence, aligning with their strategic goals. Furthermore, Molmart got recognition in search results and social media platforms that further amplified their feedback with the investors and stakeholders.