Masjid Al Falaah

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About the Client

Masjid Al Falaah, located in the vibrant city of Birmingham UK, serves as a cherished community masjid, offering a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of the Muslim community. With a mission rooted in inclusivity and fostering a sense of unity, the mosque provides a welcoming space for individuals from all backgrounds and religious devotion.

Notably, Masjid Al Falaah maintains a well-maintained and active social media presence. Through its online platforms, the mosque effectively communicates its mission, services, and community initiatives.

The Challenges

During their online donation drive in 2023, Masjid Al Falaah faced several challenges that hindered their success:

Poor Website UI/UX: The mosque struggled to receive online donations due to an unattractive or difficult-to-navigate website interface. This issue impacted the user experience, discouraging potential donors from contributing.

Lack of Brand Awareness: Masjid Al Falaah encountered difficulties in gaining recognition and spreading awareness about their charitable initiatives. This limited their reach and made it challenging to attract a broader audience of supporters.

Establishing Trust: Building trust among potential donors was a significant hurdle for Masjid Al Falaah. As an online platform for donations, they needed to assure people that their efforts were genuine and legitimate.

Our Strategy

To address the challenges faced during their online donation drive, Rezaid UK took the following measures:

  1. WordPress Website Development:
  • Prompt setup of a WordPress website during Ramadan.
  • Focus on creating a modern and user-friendly UI/UX design.
  • Installation of advanced plugins to streamline donation capture and tracking.  

  1. Social Media Marketing:
  • Proactive engagement in social media marketing efforts.
  • Emphasis on raising awareness about the mosque's initiatives.
  • Targeting a larger audience to expand reach and impact through paid advertising

  1. Building Trust and Legitimacy:
  • Highlighting the mosque's credibility and legitimacy.
  • Clear communication of their charitable work and impact.
  • Establishing trust among potential donors through transparency and accountability.

Campaign Execution

  1. Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal  
  2. Pakistan Flood Appeal
  3. Zakat, Sadqah, Fitra, and Fitrana Drive during Ramadan

Through Rezaid's expertise, in creation of high-quality graphics, videos with voice-overs, and engaging content played a crucial role in inspiring the community to contribute generously towards these important causes.


We are proud to work with Masjid Al Falaah to make a positive difference. Our collaboration resulted in a strong digital strategy, including a new website and a strong social media presence. These efforts have been successful in gathering crucial donations to help those affected by disasters.